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Vikram Vedha 2017 Full Hindi Movie Download

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Vikram Vedha 2017 Full Hindi Movie Download. Vikram Vedha was released following brief delays on 21 July 2017 and received positive reviews from critics, praise directed towards the film script and the performances the lead actors Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. Made an estimated cost ₹110 million US$1,725,000, the film performed well the box office and became the second highest-grossing Tamil film of the year upon release. The film’s success resurrected the Tamil film industry, which was experiencing difficulties after a series box office failures and the changes resulting from the Goods and Services Tax. With the classic Indian story of King Vikram and Vedhalam, begins the story police inspector Vikram, who is brave, honest and draconian about right and wrong. He and his colleague Simon Prem are part an ‘encounter’ unit led by the latter, formed eliminate the dreaded crime lord Vedha.

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On one such encounter, the squad kills a few gangsters, framing the death an unarmed criminal avoid further inquiry.Santhanam is nervous about this, Vikram calms him saying that he sleeps peacefully at night despite the encounters because he knows that the men he shoots are criminals, and not innocent. The unit makes plans for another raid when, Vedha walks the police station and surrenders. Vedha is totally imperious to intimidation and does not acknowledge the police officers until Vikram walks the interrogation room. Vedha is a cocaine smuggling gang, Cheta Hareesh Peradi and rose become a gangster . Pulli, which leaves a permanent mark in his hand. Vedha asks Vikram if Vedha should kill Ravi who committed the act his boss who gave the order. At this point Vedha’s lawyer intervenes and Vedha is bailed out.

Vikram Vedha 2017 Full Hindi Movie Info:-

Release date===21 July 2017
Directed by===Pushkar-Gayathri
Produced by===S. Sashikanth
Written by===Pushkar-Gayathri
Edited by===Richard Kevin
Distributed by===Trident Arts

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